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Web design and pelvic floor

When you work in an Online Marketing Agency you spend all day surfing the internet, either for work, pleasure or learning. Part of what our job is exciting to play many different market niches, and many products that sometimes has little to do with your life.

If you are a company that designs and develops websites , countless times need to use images. When you take care of a website very branding, personal branding, or even when the website is a new product images are entrusted to a professional photographer. But many other times online shop (yes, the images are purchased), for convenience, cost savings, or because are designed to be used online and retouching to make is much lower.

Today two places on the planet that are diametrically opposed, Euskadi and Australia share market niche and gallery.

The girl pelvic floor

We are working on a project using ecommerce care related pelvic floor. The world of Chinese balls is a bit wider, but when it comes to other devices pelvic floor care there is so much on offer. A midwife of the Basque Country has designed a device that pelvic floor care takes some time on the market. We had already visited your website preparing information for the virtual store of our customer, and we knew this photo that has enough prominence in a section. It is a middle-aged woman (with possibility of leakage of urine childbirth or age), you may see improved their sexual health with the product invented by the midwife.


But the world has no borders, and less when generating content for websites , so we’ve come this afternoon to an Australian website, also care of the pelvic floor, where we found this photo:

They are not imagining things if I think it’s the same model. Better image banks are what they are, but in the image above right peak “Google seo brisbane this image” I run this:

We found a lot of results with the same picture on the front pages of Google. Reflection, not criticism, they have made it more difficult and more expensive (new product development), they have obtained permits to sell in pharmacy, designed branding, logos … And then they put a picture of 0 ,20 euros. Without checking that is already being used in other sites and digital media.

Our job as an agency is to tell the client where to make the effort of spending and why. If the customer does not know, our job is to do it for him to include it into our budgets

PS: As usual, it stated above is easy to say and harder to do something.

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