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Offices Matatena | Where great ideas come up

In homify we have loved the architectural project of the offices of advertising and graphic design Matatena, located in the colony Montealbán of the beautiful city of Mérida, Yucatan.

It is a two-story building that, due to its exterior appearance, does not appear to be full of surprises inside.

It has 4 offices distributed among the heads of design, the accountant, bookkeeper and a service office. In addition, it has reception, boardroom, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and designer area. All built on a small lot, taking advantage of space in a very creative and intelligent way, achieving an excellent place of work: modern, spacious, bright. With a combination of materials: polished cement, plaster, glassware, laminate and wood veneer, which together with the design and decoration, create a pleasant and relaxed environment, ideal for the best ideas to come from here!

Offices contemporary Matatena is a successful project  Desnivel Architects , Ariel Novelo Canto and Jorge Abraham Lezama. The construction and fittings were in charge of: Arq. Ricardo Magaña and those in charge of interior design, experts in the Right Hemisphere.

Is that seriously, who would not like to work here? It was fantastic! We show you:

In the Chaca tree the main concept is centered

MATATENA OFFICE: Offices and style shops by Desnivel Arquitectos


In the Mayan culture, the tree Chakah  symbolizes goodness. According to a legend of the region, Chakáh was a Mayan princess, kind and very dear to the people, but she became ill and died very young. Where they buried her, in the middle of the forest, began to grow leaves that became a tree; Soon, the plant spread throughout the region and since then it is believed to be a kind plant. They say it has healing properties, so it is very precious in Mayan territory.

Because of this significance and cultural importance, Desnivel Architects along with his client, wanted to honor their roots and were based on the tree Chaca, as it is known in Spanish, for from it develop the whole concept.

A large tree has been placed in the center of the offices and can be appreciated from all angles of the building, both reception, waiting room, boardroom and designers’ office.

Benevolent road: between modernity and nature

MATATENA OFFICE: Offices and style shops by Desnivel Arquitectos


A two-ladder staircase, very light with wooden steps, attracts attention from the first moment. It starts on the laminate floor of wood and seems to float …

A waiting area with modern carpet in magenta, purple, blue and gray colors harmonizes perfectly with the design of the armchairs.

To the center, as we had already commented: the legendary tree of the Mayas.

Art and space to play ideas


As Matatena says graphic design is a cinch , and how the project was made especially for them, agency where creative projects emerge and graphic design is the protagonist, it was decided to decorate a wall covering two floors, with a large and artistic Mural in gray tones, that seems to have come out of a comic or comic.

This image also shows the pleasant work area of the designers: a wooden table along three of the walls, divided into several individual sections. Then a table in the center that can be used by four people. A modern and great way to replace the typical desks. In addition, with this design, the communication between the designers is closer and more fluid.

The large window allows the light to be passed to the double height space, which makes the space larger.

Treasure Hides

MATATENA OFFICE: Offices and style shops by Desnivel Arquitectos


Wooden tables supported on walls of plaster and concrete in white, accompanied by practical, comfortable and modern furniture. Without a doubt, a very pleasant and relaxed work place. In addition, the tables are not only a nice and well varnished wood, but downstairs have been designed a functional drawers.

Look over the wall: the useful holes used to store work utensils. Great idea! Dont you think?

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