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laminate flooring - accessories

the smaller items that give a professional finish to your laminate flooring

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For laminate flooring to be installed successfully, there are a few laminate flooring accessories that will be required. There are also other accessories that are not necessities, but turn a do-it-yourself installation into a more professional finish.

All of the laminate flooring manufacturer's produce their own laminate flooring accessories and it is best to keep to one brand of laminate flooring and accessories, rather than shopping around for the best prices, and then mixing-and-matching.

Using one brand of laminate flooring ensures that all of the flooring and accessories matches in both colour and pattern.

laminate flooring underlay


There are various types of laminate flooring underlay available. The type to choose will depend on the sub-floor that the laminate flooring is being installed onto, and any enviromental considerations such as noise transmission, etc.

  • Damp Proof Membrane - used to provide a moisture barrier when installing laminate flooring over concrete/mineral based, or heated sub-floors.
  • Foam Underlay - supplied as a roll, evens out minor irregularities in the sub-floor, reduces impact sound. A damp proof membrane is also requiredif the sub-floor is concrete, etc.
  • Combi Foam Underlay - supplied as a roll, includes foam underlay and a damp proof membrane in one product.
  • Board Underlay - supplied in board format, premium underlay system, higher performance for walking comfort, drumsound reduction, and thermal insulation. Evens out minor irregularities in the sub-floor. A damp proof membrane is alos required if the sub-floor is concrete, etc.
  • Sound + DPM Underlay - supplied as a roll, combines a damp proof membrane with enhanced sound proofing qualities. Ideal for upstairs rooms.
  Typical laminate flooring underlay

laminate flooring trims and skirtings


Numerious shapes and sizes to choose from depending on the installation requirement.

  • Scotia Bead - used to cover the expansion gap left around the edge of the laminate flooring upto the existing skirting boards.
  • End Moulding - used in situations where beading is not suitable, against patio doors etc.
  • T-Moulding - used between two laminate flooring sections to create an expansion joint in large floor area's. Also used as a transition bar between laminate flooring and another floorcovering of the same height.
  • Decorative Skirting - when there is no existing skirting boards (or they are being replaced), the perimeter gap aorund the laminate flooring can be covered with decorative skirting boards that match the laminate flooring. Various sizes are available.
  • Skirting Installation Kit - fix these special clips to the wall where the decorative skirting is being installed, and then simply push the skirting onto them. Provides a secure way of fixing the skirting without any visable signs of fixing.
  Typical laminate flooring scotia trim

laminate flooring transition bars


These accessories are used where the laminate flooring meets another type of flooring or surface, i.e. in a doorway or open plan room.

  • Carpet Transition - used between laminate flooring and carpet. Various colours available to match the laminate flooring.
  • Hard Surface Transition - used between laminate flooring and ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring. Various colours available to match the laminate flooring.
  • T-Moulding - see above under Trims And Skirtings.
  Typical laminate flooring carpet transition bar

laminate flooring pipe collars


When installing laminate flooring around pipes it is important to leave an expansion gap.

  • Pipe Collars - covers the expansion gap around pipes. Various colours available to match the laminate flooring.
  Typical laminate flooring pipe collar

laminate flooring stair profiles


When installing laminate flooring in halls and landings, it is sometimes required to laminate the staircase as well.

  • Stair Nose Moulding - used on the leading edge of the step to hide the two edges of laminate flooring. Available in a various colours.
  Typical laminate flooring stair nose moulding

laminate flooring sealants and repair kits


Sealants are used where an expansion gap is required but it is not possible to fix a moulding over it. Repairs kits are suitable for small scratches etc. but for more serious damage, the only solution may be to replace the damaged board.

  • Sealant - this is normally an acrylic based product which allows a certain amount of movement. Various colours are available to match the laminate flooring.
  • Repair Kit - select the type nearest to your requirements, dark, light, etc.. They usually come with a few colours that enable mixing together as desired to provide the best shade suited the the area of the damaged board. Most include a spatula, the repair paste, and a couple of bottles of pigment.
  Typical laminate flooring sealant
Typical laminate flooring repair kit

laminate flooring floor protectors


It is preferable to use floor protectors on all furniture, etc. to prevent scratching of the laminate flooring.

  • Felt Pads - these are self-adhesive and simple stick on the feet/base of all furniture.
  • Castor Cups - for furniture with wheels, use rubber based castor cups and simply place the wheel of the furniture in it. Available in colours and styles to match your laminate flooring.
  Typical laminate flooring felt pad furniture protectors
Typical laminate flooring castor cup furniture protectors

Using the above items will ensure your laminate flooring will not only look good when it is installed, but also last for many years to come.

When someone tries a do-it-yourself installation and then wonders why it dosn't quite have that professional looking finish, quite often it can just be the finishing items that make the difference.

Take the time to select the correct accessories, and your finished laminate flooring will look twice as impressive !

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