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If you’re considering changing home soil, you are building your dream home or simply are reforms in the attic or basement, this article may interest you. Because we will address in detail the laminate flooring and the possibilities they offer.
When you are thinking of changing the lining of a room, the first thing you have to do to choose well is to consider what it is stay. And analyze to what use it is intended. According to the results of that analysis, you have to take into account the ease of installation, wear resistance and, of course, aesthetics.

Laminate floors have different levels of strength and hardness. Click on the image to access the gallery.

If in doubt, n or topics you advice by a professional . We have asked Jose Maria Villalba, an expert of the Bauhaus shopping for laminate floors. And he has told us that “if it is wet or stay -Kitchens bathrooms- can choose from vinyl or laminate flooring with a special water – resistant protection.”
Combine this way the warmth and beauty of wood. Although Villalba is clear that “personally recommend in this case to choose a vinyl, ceramic or ceramic coating as the moisture resistance is indisputable.”
And continues: “For a living room, bedroom … recommend both for its warmth as its ease of installation and maintenance laminate flooring. currently the designs perfectly simulate the colors of wood and faithfully reproduce the feel of it. Also add attributes such as reduction and thermal insulation and acoustic ”

One of the proposals that we like Bauhaus is the Casino model. Because it has a sophisticated aesthetic, with very attractive features, such as a thickness of 12 mm and a system of sound absorption of impacts and steps up to 50% in the same room.
If that little beast, has an anti – system electrostatic and a guarantee of 30 years. It is easy to install thanks to the ‘1 – Click 2 go’. Ideal for homes, of course. But also for spaces such as shops, subjected to high – intensity use.



It is a coating based on wood board, coated paper melanin.

The hypermarket also has the Roadsigns model, a floor “design”, more daring than the last. Its main feature is incorporated prints leading American license plates, which makes it very original. It also has a continuous V – bevel gives the curious visual effect.

With so many possibilities as suggested laminate flooring, no wonder you can be of those who are chosen more often. Keep in mind that are much more resistant than hardwood floors and solid wood flooring.
And the chances are much greater. That is, they exist in different colors, sometimes very original.Bauhaus as we just saw. Or the Easy model, another specialist center in decoration and DIY, Akí. We wanted to show it precisely because it has possibility to place blank (also in gray). With the possibilities of light that represent, for example, for a small, dark room.
On the contrary, if you want to place it in a large, bright space, entering a good amount of natural light and the stains you care about . And you want an elegant, refined look, we recommend the Technofloor model, AKI, rustic oak color.

We are not tired to let you know that the possibilities are truly amazing. For many, but especially by different and original. And in that sense we want to see the Leroy Merlin for the rooms for the kids in the house . Sleeping well, good to play (ideal for playroom, attic …).
This is the model Kiddy, a laminate floor with water – repellent HDF support built in . Design monolama with structured finish. Because there is no need to be worried if they drop the glass of water or juice … Of course they also have more conventional models, such as the Oak Artens.

BricoDepot also has a good number of proposals ( more than 30 organized by chromatic color) for laminate floors or, as they call it , laminates. That is, a coating based on wood board, coated paper melamine gives the design and to which is applied a lacquer layer which gives hardness.
The have from resistance / simplest hardness (AC3 ) to demanding (AC5), depending on the use towhich it will provide. And from 6 mm to 15 mm thick, which means greater strength and physical characteristics reminiscent of parquet flooring. They come in white, gray, white oak and even pickled.

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