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How to protect your pelvic floor to exercise to lose weight

You want to get your ideal weight but do not like to end suffering from urinary incontinence pelvic floor weakening caused by the practice of some sport of impact?

Have you been diagnosed or you have operated prolapse and you know that some exercises can hurt you even more?

Or simply, do you love running but you suffer urinary incontinence and do not dare to keep running?

One of the biggest dilemmas that a woman who has been diagnosed with a prolapsed or simply weak pelvic floor, the most common symptom is urinary incontinence, is getting to know faces that, on the one hand, one of the main factors that worsen their situation is overweight and at the same time, there are a number of exercises and sports that can get to be harmful to the pelvic floor precisely to aggravate the weakening of these tissues and muscles and even prolapse.

So to get to achieve and maintain proper weight when suffering from weak pelvic floor or prolapse, what should I do?

Become aware of your pelvic floor

We will not tire of repeating: go to a professional, physio, midwife, gynecologist, urologist, at the slightest suspicion that something is wrong .

Urinary, fecal and gas incontinence, however slight they may be, insensitivity or reduced sensitivity in sex, inability to completely empty the bladder or rectum, are not normal situations even if you have given birth to ten children, or however greater than you are .Protect and exercise pelvic floor

You go to a professional to assess your pelvic floor, you prescribe a personalized treatment for your specific case and will recommend some healthy habits  to avoid malpractices and keep your pelvic floor fit.

Once you have become aware of your pelvic floor and locate these muscles without doubt, it not is difficult to identify when an exercise, posture or movement is causing excessive pressure, what we call hyperpressure on this area of your body.

The excess pressure on the perineal area becomes harmful in greater or lesser extent depending on the individual and the degree of strength and tone your pelvic floor muscles present.

Therefore, although usually it is known that there are certain sports, high impact, and exercises, especially the traditional crunches , potentially harmful to the pelvic floor, the damage that can eventually lead can be compensated by keeping in good shape the pelvic floor muscles and following some recommendations that we want to share with you.

Watch your diet

Undoubtedly, to achieve the ideal weight no more than mathematical formulas:

Ideal weight = caloric expenditure> caloric intake .

That is, eat less than you expend, dieting, taking Pastillas naturales para adelgazar or offsetting what you eat more exercise.

Or you eat less or you exercise more. No more miracles than this.

Cardiovascular combines aerobic exercise with strength training

Today, the theory seems to have more acceptance is that aerobic or cardiovascular exercise coupled with the practice of strength exercises is the most effective combination when itcomes to losing fat and controlling our weight .

On the one hand, aerobic exercise burns more fat during training time, ie, while you are practicing, but resistance exercise increases muscle mass makes our continue burning fat even after performing this exercise .

In short, you must practice combined aerobic exercise with strength training but caring for and protecting your pelvic floor.

Aerobic exercise your pelvic floor protecting

Practice low impact aerobic sports

If you do not mind stop practicing high impact sport, you should know that there are other alternative low-impact sports and the benefits on your weight, your body and your mind are comparable.

In this article , Laura advises you what the best low – impact sports to lose weight and protect your pelvic floor.

Protect yourself when practicing aerobics high impact sports

Sport protect pelvic floor impactBut if yours is running, tennis, basketball or paddle tennis and are not willing to stop practicing your favorite sport, our recommendation, as you already detallábamos in this post , is that compensés the potential damage that these sports cause the pelvic floor following these recommendations:

  • Keep the pelvic floor as practicing Kegel exercises, helping Chinese balls, pelvic floor exercisers, etc.
  • Keep fit the core as Kegel exercises alonenot help much because the pelvic floor does not work in isolation , either through exercise or just activating Hipopresiva during efforts and while doing Kegel exercises.
  • Ayúdate apparatus to exercise and know at any time the status of your perineal musculature ( biofeedbacks , electroestimuladores …).
  • Use buffers incontinence that protect the pelvic floor and prevent urine leakage due to incontinence. You will be surprised the protective effect exerted.
  • Ask yourself using pessaries that protect and help keep every organ in place.
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