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Home cultivation of marijuana in flats and plots fires

The National Police have conducted 24 operations in the last year and arrested 56 people. The proliferation of practice carries with it an increase in traffic of this substance on the street

  • Home cultivation of marijuana in flats and plots fires -
    Home cultivation of marijuana in flats and plots fires –
The water pipes for sale through small greenhouses in flats or plots plantations, has “skyrocketed” in Cordova. What ten years ago was an “occasional”, almost anecdotal practice, he has made a “quantum leap”, as explained by José Miguel Saenz, head of the Judicial Police Brigade Provincial Police. The data reflect this. In the last 12 months, from August 2010 to July this year, the National Police has conducted 24 operations for cultivation and trafficking of marijuana, which have resulted in 56 detainees and the seizure of 207.5 kilos of the drug.

Saenz, in view of the figures and police experience, do not hesitate to say that “we can say that has triggered growing marijuana particular level” and that logic has also been detected increased traffic of this substance in streets. 24 operations, he says, 16 have been growing 11 outdoor and five indoor greenhouses.The remaining eight were for marijuana possession destined to traffic.

When analyzing what has led to this proliferation of domestic marijuana cultivation, the head of the Judicial Police Brigade notes that “weighs lack of guilt” as it is a drug considered less harmful. “The consumer does not feel he explains junkie, no feature of guilt and, at a given moment, giving passage to culture”.

A cheap and easy it is added that it is relatively easy to have everything you need to have an indoor or outdoor greenhouse planting. Getting seeds is not difficult and just surf the internet in multiple forums are all kinds of tips and details on how to mount them. In addition, many of those who grow marijuana face an almost calculated risk. It is, of course, a crime against public health in the form of substance that does not cause serious harm to health and punished with prison. But the penalties usually imposed on the courts in these cases, which are almost always resolved by agreement, not usually lead to the imprisonment if the amount of drug is small and there are no previous convictions.

The proliferation of crops have been also rigged that more substance is detected on the street. “It is noted in the apprehension consumers. It has upped the intervention and, yes, there are more marijuana on the street,” confirms Saenz. But although they have increased homemade mini greenhouses and plantations, practice “it is not new”. “The car culture is something detected from about 15 or 20 years ago, but what is certain is that had not much impact as now,” he notes.

And “not to give great benefits”, unless available plantations or large greenhouses or proceed to a sale. Gram of marijuana is on the street about five euros and bags of five or ten grams sold.

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