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Do you breathe wrong with the dry air leaving the heat? Children floor humidifiers.

The heating in winter dry out much air and make breathing difficult, especially when they have a cold. By having the noses clogged by mucus, just breathing through the mouth, and if the environment is very dry just irritated their throats to the point of getting malitas and hurt them.


Humidifiers are very good when they are young to help them breathe better , but not abuse them, because if we use them regularly we get used to them and later not acostumbraríamos us to breathe in the dry climate, which is the of course, if you live far from the coast.

Furthermore a continuous very long use over the years can cause breathing problems resulting in long – term asthma. (As if we use Vicks vaporub routinely in young children, who can also trigger asthma in children under two years. The occasional use for a cold is not bad, applying it on your feet or behind the ears)


There are also pads scent of Vicks humidifiers vaporub for:




They are better dry cold steam, because if they drop does not wet directly above them, if not both the baby would end up drenching the soil and bed clothes.



Types of Humidifiers:

In the following link you can access different types of humidifiers of different brands like CPAP Sydney:
Humidifiers models.
  • Humidifiers floor :We are no large standing on the floor and release the steam up, giving moisture to the room.


  • Humidifiers comfortable :And they are smaller they drop vapor lateral mode, which should placesomewhere a little high as a highboy, because otherwise all the steam will fall on the ground, thus steam you can orient to go near the child but not directly above, because although it is not supposed to get wet, always wet end wherefalls, whenreleaselotsteam with the button at the maximum.


Always use mineral water to refill the humidifier reservoir, because if tap water is very hard it eventually clogging and is very difficult and expensivefix later.

Even being a good device and using mineral water, are deteriorating so that when new once the room is covered by a thick fog, and gets a lot of moisture in a short time (you can check if you have a intercom  measuring moisture room. they are very good those of “Philips Avent” , detect any noise made by the permanently small temperature and humidity of the room).

Intercoms models


When the years pass the humidifier stops releasing both steam goes clogging, and what came before putting the device at the minimum, it will not leave or placing the maximum level.

The can leave overnight connected to the reservoir to the maximum, and if vaciase while we sleep, we do not have to worry because the engine burn, because they themselves are turned off for safety.

They are not very noisy but make a slight buzz that you get used to, but at first is annoying.

There are many brands on the market, but I always recommend going for one of quality, because when using water, if not very good, it will immediately affect lime and much lower level steam release.

The more simple and apparently seems to do the same but it is not true, when new one takes an hour to empty the entire deposit, if you put it at the highest level, with the consequent rapid increase in the level of humidity in the room, others may be turned on much longer hours and virtually nothing does not diminish the level of water in the tank and does not raise the level of humidity.

Those who work very well is immediately noticeable because it is exaggerated into a room when they released all the steam water tank. To give you an idea, it is like walking into a room filled with fog.

Normally we do not need much moisture, but the day the kids are unwell and are dry much nose and can not breathe, getting this level of humidity in the room makes them not dry out the throat, because when you have stuffy nose just they are breathing through the mouth, and if the air is too dry, not only are clogged by mucus from the nose, coughing but because they are dry mouth and end up hurting them.

  • Humidifiers with essential oils .They are like the previous, the water tank is full, plug and have a level to regulate the humidity level. The difference with traditional children is that they can add essential oils like menthol or eucalyptus, which help to breathe. They are not recommended for very young children. These essential oils can only be added to specific humidifiers for it, if you add one traditional unprepared for these products adiccionemos spoil it.
  • Humidifiers for radiator :If you wantroutinely achieve a high level of humidity in the house in winter to prevent all the air we breathe drying, a good option isplace humidifiers on the radiators. These are bowls that are placed hanging radiators with hooks, can beof porcelain or steel, are filled with water and the heat of the heating itself causes water to evaporate and be permanently giving moisture to the rooms where we haveplaced.
The following decorative ceramic humidifiers have seemed a real gift or decorate cucada:
 One must be careful with the hull, because children draw much attention to them and always try to get them to play, and catch them and drop them to make noise by banging against the radiator. With these games tend to shed water and porcelain they are just Cascando with the punches.


Trick stuck with moquitos child : Ifput the oniondiced nextthe humidifier, the moist environmentexpand over the essence of the onion, and if the child is unwell unable to breathe well, in halfhour you will see that breathes almost normally .


An optimal level of humidity to sleep little, would get the level in the environment naturally in any coastal area, ie between 55 and 65 percent humidity.


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