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A flat film: film inspirations for decorating floor

Are you a fan of film decorations or any particular film? Would you like toacclimate your home with that warm colonial touch that is the home of the protagonist of ‘ Out of Africa’, or else you passionate elegant modern apartment ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ ?

From Leroy Merlin tell you how to get a flat film , inspired by legendary films maker xmovies8 with ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ or ‘The Party’ … Shall we start?

‘Marie Antoinette’, Sofia Coppola


Sofia Coppola gives us a new vision of the last queen of France , Marie Antoinette, Sofia for it takes us to Versailles more exaggerated and bombastic of all time , it can see the top of the Rococo style.

We, without much exaggeration, this elegant French style seek to achieve in our home sophistication and warmth in spurts . To do this we decantaremos by coating some walls with wallpaper , hopefully imitate noble and elegant fabrics, wood paneling, upholstered quilted , full libraries of books …

Marie Antoinette

Another important element of the palatial decor of that time is the flora, or any decor inspired by nature, we see many flowers and birds . Here we will apply in tissues of a more sober, refined and delicate to avoid overloading the way space. We ended the decor with wooden classic lines pickled in white to provide contrast, serenity and light to so much texture and patterns.

‘Out of Africa’, Sydney Pollack

Memories of Africa

The unforgettable film starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford shows the great colonial mansions of Kenya , which maintained a western style but with native air. The furnishings were not local, but traveling with the owners and other belongings (lingerie, glassware, portraits and clothing) from Europe.

The colonial style of these beautiful homes highlighted by the huge amount of woodon floors, solid wood shelves … For natural fabrics like muslin curtains and white cotton sheets, and complements own journey as suitcases and trunks.

1366 2000

Add this colonial touch filling the house with carpets of vegetable fibers , coating the wooden floors and applying texture on the wall . Do not forget the white muslin curtains and lots of cushions everywhere, all framed in a color palette based creams and earth tones and colonial style furniture.

‘Star Wars’, JJ Abrams

Tfa Poster Wide Header Adb92fa0

For fans of the epic movie ‘ Star Wars ‘, whether small or large, this legendary saga science fiction space adventure starring Han Solo , Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO .. . the you can move to your home decor.

If you’re an adult hanging a sheet film poster, or wearing a wall full of small dolls of the trilogy will be enough. But for the kids we can design a theme bedroom using all the decorative elements we have at our disposal, from textiles such as curtains , duvet cover, pillows and carpets to vinyl and foil to the wall.

Star Wars

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, Wes Anderson

Grand Hotel Budapest

Wes Anderson as any great independent filmmaker takes care of all aspects of his films which can be also watch on putlocker, including those that go beyond the purely cinematic, as in the case of graphics, posters and clothing; however Anderson goes further and makes the decor in a visual language to narrate and deepen their characters.

Although all his films are an excellent example we stop at the latest, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, a film which as its name suggests happens in a nineteenth – century and decadent hotel , which has undergone several renovations until its twilight.

20 The Grand Budapest Hotel 2 620x413

We are interested in remodeling done in the hall of the seventies , coating the room with wooden soffits , adding a leather – covered seats and other wool in shades oforange and mustard . To finish our study will add a room or floor lamps methacrylate in a vivid color, and ancillary glass furniture with metal tubular structures, all of seventies lines. A look totally present, that will speak volumes .

‘The Party’, Blake Edwards

the Guateque

This cult movie film comedy is a magnificent example of the cheerful and casual decor of the sixties, it is a house on one level with open spaces and a large window that overlooks a pool that starts in the hall. The house is not wasted, despite stay a little short of chairs .

The 50s and 60s were very prolific in terms of industrial design it refers design classics that are still used this time. To get a look sixties we go round of vivid colors and contrasting planes in textiles , sofas and carpets , with furniture ultra modern almost futuristic lines , many of them made with synthetic materials.

It is a lot like ‘The Gran Hotel Budpest’ style, furnishings are almost all the same, but give them one tapizándolos more youthful with bright colors , the walls are not so serious, use white color and some of them the lined with painted paper with geometric prints Pop and Op Art.

‘Frozen’, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

Can Frozen 2 Possibly Live Up To Expectations Fan 682489

What little is not excited with ‘Frozen’ and the two sisters who star, Ana and Frozen own.Decorate your room as the film is the best way to make it his favorite of all the house.For starters will paint the walls in blue and white tones , we can even make some gradient on the wall, also add some original vinyl tape and thus create atmosphere.


We just dress the walls with some curtains Frozen characters and some sheets with portraits of the ‘Protas’ of the movie. Finally incorporate the environment a warm and comfortable touch , we will use a wooden floor, a wool carpet and becomeenlightened stay with yellow lights. Room ready to dream!

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, Martin Scorsese

Wolf Of Wall Street

We ended up with one of the most successful and award – winning films of recent years, it tells a true story of the rise and fall of a billionaire broker of New York Stock Exchange played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Although it has lots of properties, we focused on the dazzling apartment is in New York, and which happens much of the story.

This type of apartments are a symbol of an era and a way of life , that of yuppies and executives, large and airy rather cold spaces, decorated with expensive pieces and fine materials.


Stand by resorting to classic design , in this case are decided by Arne Jacobsen Swan chairs and lamp sculpture Arch and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Achille we see the end of the apartment; in the dining room also opt for the classic to decorate, in this case put the Tulip table by Eero Saarinen with the Panton chairs in olive green, although you can put the pieces that you like, there are now many reissues very good price.

They are the first apartments to relevance and prominence to the kitchen , integrating it into the social area, spectacular islands with granite pink marble and luxurious appliances. Ultimately it is put few furniture minimalist but sophisticated lines, large leather sofas or velvet, majestic chandeliers and elegant porcelain floors .

Sure some of these films has inspired you to make a change of look to your home, for which of these decorative styles you decant? Difficult choice, right? In any case you willfind everything you need to remodel your space on the website of Leroy Merlin .

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