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4 Tips for choosing a good kitchen faucet

In designing your kitchen, you’re sure thinking style cabinets, flooring and appliances.
11What many do not know is that the kitchen sink can have a big role in its design.Although only used to wash dishes, rinse food and wash their hands, the kitchen sink has an impact on the design of it.

There are many old styles, but also in recent years have seen a lot of designs and different functions.

And in fact all accessories and appliances the kitchen faucet is probably the most used.

It is said that the average family uses the kitchen faucet over 40 times a day.

So when choosing a faucet you have to be one that also fall well with the design of your kitchen, do your job well and is durable.

Now we discuss the elements to consider when choosing your future kitchen faucet.

Its current and sink faucet

Check out your current sink to decide whether you want to keep the same design and features when choosing a new faucet.

If you’re going to keep the sink, then you have to be able to use the holes already in the sink surface. From there you can decide whether you want to add a spray hose or a dispenser.

You can also decide to buy a new sink, especially can be the case if you choose a faucet mounted on the deck and the current is mounted on the wall.

Where to start

When you begin your search you will have to make choices between the peak type, height and number of shooters.

Many people are opting for the system peelable spray nozzle type, but you can always get a side spray hose assembly.

The height can vary from 10 to 18 inches so choosing the right height will be based on the size of your sink.

You can always get hot and cold handles but most deployable only have a handle faucets.

The style of the bill is something to consider. The “gooseneck” or high arches are taps trend, as it allows more room for cleaning large pots or other tasks.

Materials and finishes

Everyone will have their own style and sure you too, such as chrome-plated brass is a popular finish that many choose.

Solid Brass keys with ceramic disc valves are used to control the water flow and this makes it last longer.

Again make sure the kitchen design matches the style tap. Faucets can also vary their angles, curves and details.

When choosing materials and finishes either nickel, bronze, black, stainless steel, etc., be sure to buy accessories such as soap dispensers from the same collection, because if they are from different manufacturers, finishing varies slightly.

Price and quality

For a more durable faucet, choose stainless steel, solid brass or a faucet with ceramic disc valve.

A heavier tap indicate better quality. The solid brass last longer.

Faucets with plastic parts do not last, are cheaper and may eventually have to replace an additional cost.

We saw the tips for choosing a kitchen faucet , now I want to put more emphasis on some types of faucets and how it can serve everyone.

11Types of kitchen faucets

Arc faucets

If you wash large pots filled vase frequently or want something spacious, arc faucet is ideal for you.

Also known as gooseneck, will give you more room to work.

These faucets are the most used in deep sinks.

Faucets with Side Spray and taps

The mixer taps still represents more than 80% of sales of faucets and are very popular among builders. These faucets are basic and have a single handle that controls the temperature and flow.

Brushed nickel two keys

Two-handle faucets (one hot and one cold) are not as popular because they are not as easy to use. They have a classic look.

faucets Touch

Faucets touch (sensible system) are great and are growing rapidly in popularity.With just a light touch of a hand or arm can be closed or open water pressure, this will make food preparation much easier when you have covered the hand of dough.

Wall kitchen faucets

As you can imagine, these are attached to the wall above the sink.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the look and functionality of your kitchen faucet. Be sure to consider your needs and what works best for your kitchen before making the final purchase.

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