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welcome to the laminate flooring guide

the a to z of laminate flooring

For the modern homeowner and active families, laminate flooring is fast becoming the number one choice. With its great characteristics for not harboring dust, laminate flooring is also the choice for many people with allergies, such as asthma, etc.

This laminate flooring site has been created because of a need from the consumers, for an understanding of all the different elements of laminate flooring that are available from the various laminate flooring manufacturers.

Under our Laminate Flooring Guides section on the left side of your screen, you will find information regarding the various elements of laminate flooring.

Just go through each laminate flooring guide and equip yourself with the knowledge to either undertake the installation of your new laminate flooring yourself, or at least be able to understand what the professional laminate flooring contractor is talking about when you invite them around to your home to give you an estimate.

You will also see the Laminate Flooring Manufacturers section on the left of your screen. These pages will give you some information about each laminate flooring manufacturer, which then also contain another link so you can quickly find the laminate flooring manufacturer in question.

We are not paid any commission's from any of the manufacturer's, so we can be totally impartial with our views.

Newest Articles

Offices Matatena | Where great ideas come up

In homify we have loved the architectural project of the offices of advertising and graphic design Matatena, located in the colony Montealbán of the beautiful city of Mérida, Yucatan.

It is a two-story building that, due to its exterior appearance, does not appear to be full of surprises inside.

It has 4 offices distributed among the heads of design, the accountant, bookkeeper and a service office. In addition, it has reception, boardroom, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and designer area. All built on a small lot, taking advantage of space in a very creative and intelligent way, achieving an excellent place of work: modern, spacious, bright. With a combination of materials: polished cement, plaster, glassware, laminate and wood veneer, which together with the design and decoration, create a pleasant and relaxed environment, ideal for the best ideas to come from here!

Offices contemporary Matatena is a successful project  Desnivel Architects , Ariel Novelo Canto and Jorge Abraham Lezama. The construction and fittings were in charge of: Arq. Ricardo Magaña and those in charge of interior design, experts in the Right Hemisphere.

Is that seriously, who would not like to work here? It was fantastic! We show you:

In the Chaca tree the main concept is centered

MATATENA OFFICE: Offices and style shops by Desnivel Arquitectos


In the Mayan culture, the tree Chakah  symbolizes goodness. According to a legend of the region, Chakáh was a Mayan princess, kind and very dear to the people, but she became ill and died very young. Where they buried her, in the middle of the forest, began to grow leaves that became a tree; Soon, the plant spread throughout the region and since then it is believed to be a kind plant. They say it has healing properties, so it is very precious in Mayan territory.

Because of this significance and cultural importance, Desnivel Architects along with his client, wanted to honor their roots and were based on the tree Chaca, as it is known in Spanish, for from it develop the whole concept.

A large tree has been placed in the center of the offices and can be appreciated from all angles of the building, both reception, waiting room, boardroom and designers’ office.

Benevolent road: between modernity and nature

MATATENA OFFICE: Offices and style shops by Desnivel Arquitectos


A two-ladder staircase, very light with wooden steps, attracts attention from the first moment. It starts on the laminate floor of wood and seems to float …

A waiting area with modern carpet in magenta, purple, blue and gray colors harmonizes perfectly with the design of the armchairs.

To the center, as we had already commented: the legendary tree of the Mayas.

Art and space to play ideas


As Matatena says graphic design is a cinch , and how the project was made especially for them, agency where creative projects emerge and graphic design is the protagonist, it was decided to decorate a wall covering two floors, with a large and artistic Mural in gray tones, that seems to have come out of a comic or comic.

This image also shows the pleasant work area of the designers: a wooden table along three of the walls, divided into several individual sections. Then a table in the center that can be used by four people. A modern and great way to replace the typical desks. In addition, with this design, the communication between the designers is closer and more fluid.

The large window allows the light to be passed to the double height space, which makes the space larger.

Treasure Hides

MATATENA OFFICE: Offices and style shops by Desnivel Arquitectos


Wooden tables supported on walls of plaster and concrete in white, accompanied by practical, comfortable and modern furniture. Without a doubt, a very pleasant and relaxed work place. In addition, the tables are not only a nice and well varnished wood, but downstairs have been designed a functional drawers.

Look over the wall: the useful holes used to store work utensils. Great idea! Dont you think?

Do you breathe wrong with the dry air leaving the heat? Children floor humidifiers.

The heating in winter dry out much air and make breathing difficult, especially when they have a cold. By having the noses clogged by mucus, just breathing through the mouth, and if the environment is very dry just irritated their throats to the point of getting malitas and hurt them.


Humidifiers are very good when they are young to help them breathe better , but not abuse them, because if we use them regularly we get used to them and later not acostumbraríamos us to breathe in the dry climate, which is the of course, if you live far from the coast.

Furthermore a continuous very long use over the years can cause breathing problems resulting in long – term asthma. (As if we use Vicks vaporub routinely in young children, who can also trigger asthma in children under two years. The occasional use for a cold is not bad, applying it on your feet or behind the ears)


There are also pads scent of Vicks humidifiers vaporub for:




They are better dry cold steam, because if they drop does not wet directly above them, if not both the baby would end up drenching the soil and bed clothes.



Types of Humidifiers:

In the following link you can access different types of humidifiers of different brands like CPAP Sydney:
Humidifiers models.
  • Humidifiers floor :We are no large standing on the floor and release the steam up, giving moisture to the room.


  • Humidifiers comfortable :And they are smaller they drop vapor lateral mode, which should placesomewhere a little high as a highboy, because otherwise all the steam will fall on the ground, thus steam you can orient to go near the child but not directly above, because although it is not supposed to get wet, always wet end wherefalls, whenreleaselotsteam with the button at the maximum.


Always use mineral water to refill the humidifier reservoir, because if tap water is very hard it eventually clogging and is very difficult and expensivefix later.

Even being a good device and using mineral water, are deteriorating so that when new once the room is covered by a thick fog, and gets a lot of moisture in a short time (you can check if you have a intercom  measuring moisture room. they are very good those of “Philips Avent” , detect any noise made by the permanently small temperature and humidity of the room).

Intercoms models


When the years pass the humidifier stops releasing both steam goes clogging, and what came before putting the device at the minimum, it will not leave or placing the maximum level.

The can leave overnight connected to the reservoir to the maximum, and if vaciase while we sleep, we do not have to worry because the engine burn, because they themselves are turned off for safety.

They are not very noisy but make a slight buzz that you get used to, but at first is annoying.

There are many brands on the market, but I always recommend going for one of quality, because when using water, if not very good, it will immediately affect lime and much lower level steam release.

The more simple and apparently seems to do the same but it is not true, when new one takes an hour to empty the entire deposit, if you put it at the highest level, with the consequent rapid increase in the level of humidity in the room, others may be turned on much longer hours and virtually nothing does not diminish the level of water in the tank and does not raise the level of humidity.

Those who work very well is immediately noticeable because it is exaggerated into a room when they released all the steam water tank. To give you an idea, it is like walking into a room filled with fog.

Normally we do not need much moisture, but the day the kids are unwell and are dry much nose and can not breathe, getting this level of humidity in the room makes them not dry out the throat, because when you have stuffy nose just they are breathing through the mouth, and if the air is too dry, not only are clogged by mucus from the nose, coughing but because they are dry mouth and end up hurting them.

  • Humidifiers with essential oils .They are like the previous, the water tank is full, plug and have a level to regulate the humidity level. The difference with traditional children is that they can add essential oils like menthol or eucalyptus, which help to breathe. They are not recommended for very young children. These essential oils can only be added to specific humidifiers for it, if you add one traditional unprepared for these products adiccionemos spoil it.
  • Humidifiers for radiator :If you wantroutinely achieve a high level of humidity in the house in winter to prevent all the air we breathe drying, a good option isplace humidifiers on the radiators. These are bowls that are placed hanging radiators with hooks, can beof porcelain or steel, are filled with water and the heat of the heating itself causes water to evaporate and be permanently giving moisture to the rooms where we haveplaced.
The following decorative ceramic humidifiers have seemed a real gift or decorate cucada:
 One must be careful with the hull, because children draw much attention to them and always try to get them to play, and catch them and drop them to make noise by banging against the radiator. With these games tend to shed water and porcelain they are just Cascando with the punches.


Trick stuck with moquitos child : Ifput the oniondiced nextthe humidifier, the moist environmentexpand over the essence of the onion, and if the child is unwell unable to breathe well, in halfhour you will see that breathes almost normally .


An optimal level of humidity to sleep little, would get the level in the environment naturally in any coastal area, ie between 55 and 65 percent humidity.


4 Tips for choosing a good kitchen faucet

In designing your kitchen, you’re sure thinking style cabinets, flooring and appliances.
11What many do not know is that the kitchen sink can have a big role in its design.Although only used to wash dishes, rinse food and wash their hands, the kitchen sink has an impact on the design of it.

There are many old styles, but also in recent years have seen a lot of designs and different functions.

And in fact all accessories and appliances the kitchen faucet is probably the most used.

It is said that the average family uses the kitchen faucet over 40 times a day.

So when choosing a faucet you have to be one that also fall well with the design of your kitchen, do your job well and is durable.

Now we discuss the elements to consider when choosing your future kitchen faucet.

Its current and sink faucet

Check out your current sink to decide whether you want to keep the same design and features when choosing a new faucet.

If you’re going to keep the sink, then you have to be able to use the holes already in the sink surface. From there you can decide whether you want to add a spray hose or a dispenser.

You can also decide to buy a new sink, especially can be the case if you choose a faucet mounted on the deck and the current is mounted on the wall.

Where to start

When you begin your search you will have to make choices between the peak type, height and number of shooters.

Many people are opting for the system peelable spray nozzle type, but you can always get a side spray hose assembly.

The height can vary from 10 to 18 inches so choosing the right height will be based on the size of your sink.

You can always get hot and cold handles but most deployable only have a handle faucets.

The style of the bill is something to consider. The “gooseneck” or high arches are taps trend, as it allows more room for cleaning large pots or other tasks.

Materials and finishes

Everyone will have their own style and sure you too, such as chrome-plated brass is a popular finish that many choose.

Solid Brass keys with ceramic disc valves are used to control the water flow and this makes it last longer.

Again make sure the kitchen design matches the style tap. Faucets can also vary their angles, curves and details.

When choosing materials and finishes either nickel, bronze, black, stainless steel, etc., be sure to buy accessories such as soap dispensers from the same collection, because if they are from different manufacturers, finishing varies slightly.

Price and quality

For a more durable faucet, choose stainless steel, solid brass or a faucet with ceramic disc valve.

A heavier tap indicate better quality. The solid brass last longer.

Faucets with plastic parts do not last, are cheaper and may eventually have to replace an additional cost.

We saw the tips for choosing a kitchen faucet , now I want to put more emphasis on some types of faucets and how it can serve everyone.

11Types of kitchen faucets

Arc faucets

If you wash large pots filled vase frequently or want something spacious, arc faucet is ideal for you.

Also known as gooseneck, will give you more room to work.

These faucets are the most used in deep sinks.

Faucets with Side Spray and taps

The mixer taps still represents more than 80% of sales of faucets and are very popular among builders. These faucets are basic and have a single handle that controls the temperature and flow.

Brushed nickel two keys

Two-handle faucets (one hot and one cold) are not as popular because they are not as easy to use. They have a classic look.

faucets Touch

Faucets touch (sensible system) are great and are growing rapidly in popularity.With just a light touch of a hand or arm can be closed or open water pressure, this will make food preparation much easier when you have covered the hand of dough.

Wall kitchen faucets

As you can imagine, these are attached to the wall above the sink.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the look and functionality of your kitchen faucet. Be sure to consider your needs and what works best for your kitchen before making the final purchase.

If you need personalized help We work 24 hours in the south and north of Tenerife! Contact:

Laminate flooring, the management solution you were looking

If you’re considering changing home soil, you are building your dream home or simply are reforms in the attic or basement, this article may interest you. Because we will address in detail the laminate flooring and the possibilities they offer.
When you are thinking of changing the lining of a room, the first thing you have to do to choose well is to consider what it is stay. And analyze to what use it is intended. According to the results of that analysis, you have to take into account the ease of installation, wear resistance and, of course, aesthetics.

Laminate floors have different levels of strength and hardness. Click on the image to access the gallery.

If in doubt, n or topics you advice by a professional . We have asked Jose Maria Villalba, an expert of the Bauhaus shopping for laminate floors. And he has told us that “if it is wet or stay -Kitchens bathrooms- can choose from vinyl or laminate flooring with a special water – resistant protection.”
Combine this way the warmth and beauty of wood. Although Villalba is clear that “personally recommend in this case to choose a vinyl, ceramic or ceramic coating as the moisture resistance is indisputable.”
And continues: “For a living room, bedroom … recommend both for its warmth as its ease of installation and maintenance laminate flooring. currently the designs perfectly simulate the colors of wood and faithfully reproduce the feel of it. Also add attributes such as reduction and thermal insulation and acoustic ”

One of the proposals that we like Bauhaus is the Casino model. Because it has a sophisticated aesthetic, with very attractive features, such as a thickness of 12 mm and a system of sound absorption of impacts and steps up to 50% in the same room.
If that little beast, has an anti – system electrostatic and a guarantee of 30 years. It is easy to install thanks to the ‘1 – Click 2 go’. Ideal for homes, of course. But also for spaces such as shops, subjected to high – intensity use.



It is a coating based on wood board, coated paper melanin.

The hypermarket also has the Roadsigns model, a floor “design”, more daring than the last. Its main feature is incorporated prints leading American license plates, which makes it very original. It also has a continuous V – bevel gives the curious visual effect.

With so many possibilities as suggested laminate flooring, no wonder you can be of those who are chosen more often. Keep in mind that are much more resistant than hardwood floors and solid wood flooring.
And the chances are much greater. That is, they exist in different colors, sometimes very original.Bauhaus as we just saw. Or the Easy model, another specialist center in decoration and DIY, Akí. We wanted to show it precisely because it has possibility to place blank (also in gray). With the possibilities of light that represent, for example, for a small, dark room.
On the contrary, if you want to place it in a large, bright space, entering a good amount of natural light and the stains you care about . And you want an elegant, refined look, we recommend the Technofloor model, AKI, rustic oak color.

We are not tired to let you know that the possibilities are truly amazing. For many, but especially by different and original. And in that sense we want to see the Leroy Merlin for the rooms for the kids in the house . Sleeping well, good to play (ideal for playroom, attic …).
This is the model Kiddy, a laminate floor with water – repellent HDF support built in . Design monolama with structured finish. Because there is no need to be worried if they drop the glass of water or juice … Of course they also have more conventional models, such as the Oak Artens.

BricoDepot also has a good number of proposals ( more than 30 organized by chromatic color) for laminate floors or, as they call it , laminates. That is, a coating based on wood board, coated paper melamine gives the design and to which is applied a lacquer layer which gives hardness.
The have from resistance / simplest hardness (AC3 ) to demanding (AC5), depending on the use towhich it will provide. And from 6 mm to 15 mm thick, which means greater strength and physical characteristics reminiscent of parquet flooring. They come in white, gray, white oak and even pickled.

Movies for inspiration to decorate your interior flooring ideas


If you are passionate / a decoration and you like movies, we recommend you dawdle watching some of the movie2k films on the list that will show below. Films that will help inspire you in the art of interior design, no matter what your favorite style because we offer a bit of everything.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

A movie that falls by the design of its interiors, delicious and elegant at the same time and a treat for the senses. It will be perfect for you if you’re looking to give your home a touch of luxury, glamor and grandeur, so it is one of the most recommended for this purpose films. It tells the story of a rich man and asojourner, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Each of the rooms shown on the tape is capable of transmitting a different feeling and also interior proposal takes us back to the years 20. If the style of this decade draws you, do not miss also our previous post on “inspired by the 20s decoration”.


Down with Love (2003)

A romantic comedy about the differences between men and women in a time when there was still some dependence between man and woman. The protagonist, played by René Zellweger, is a modern successful writer with a taste for fashion and decoration. The wonderful touch in the interiors of the house of the main character, decorated with taste and without barriers, let us know why the vintage style is an alternative that many people like. If you’ve seen, you will remember the beautiful pink apartment Barbara Novak (the protagonist), its bright colors and modern furniture. We also wish immensely will one day have a similar terrace to yours.


A Single Man (2009)

This film created by fashion designer Tom Ford Gucci shows some interior decorations that will take your breath in a film in which the design is almost as important as the plot itself. A rather sad as an argument, but with interesting reflections that will make you fall in love with own decorative style of the 60 shapes, colors and textiles showing in their inner drama.


The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

As was the case with the recommended above, in the plot of this film film design, fashion, beauty and glamor are a very active and important part of the story. The interiors are not far behind, especially in the office or the home of the protagonist, to a more modern level. This film is particularly recommended if you’re looking for is decorating an office or workspace with taste and a very distinctive note.


Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Did you ever have felt attracted / a by the great Italian villas and their particular decorative style? If the answer is yes, you can not miss this movie directed by Audrey Wells tells the story of a writer (Frances Mayer) with depression and uninspired going to spend a vacation in the Italian Tuscany. At one point in the film, the protagonist will have to restore the house where they will live, scene where you’ll find a host of ideas to implement in yours. Also perfect if you want to give life to a summer home. Other similar examples, but related to decoration in a Greek style would be the musical “Mamma Mia” and the comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.


Eat Pray Love (2010)

Along this spiritual journey that makes the character played by Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love” will find interiors decorated simply, but with an exotic, rural and cozy feel you can not forget. Stops making the protagonist in various corners of the world permeates every style of a particular track, allowing us to find inspiration in many alternatives. highly recommended film for travelers or for those wishing to take a bold, multicultural and adventurous touch to your home.


Holiday (2006)

Surely many of us have spent an evening watching this movie, in which Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, passing both a downswing on two corners of the world, their houses are exchanged for a while to find themselves. In separate housing we can find inspiration for our decor in very different styles. For a bigger house, a summer house or the like, modern, neutral and classic one of the protagonists California housing will give us thousands of ideas; if we seek to decorate a small city apartment practical and modern way, we look at the interior of the house in London.


Broken Embraces (2009)

This film by Pedro Almodóvar shows original interiors, colorful, psychedelic sometimes unusual, sometimes contribute to reflect part of the story own or are responsible for contrasting. In fact, this interior design is a distinctive mark of the director’s work. In Broken Embraces, prints in bright colors of the house of the protagonists are hard to forget after having seen and can be a great source of inspiration.


Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

Although there are many things you can not implement in a house in town on this houseboat, lovers of comfortable and wonderful, both the inside and outside of the house, spaces are worth seeing and perfect for dreaming. You will love to follow the plot with the charms of the houseboat as a setting, both indoors as the arrangement of furniture outside it. The tables, these purple hammocks and opportunities that give us the river view. Perhaps you can make this film great ideas for decorating gardens even large ones balconies or if you are lucky your summer house is near a river or beach. Besides that, the seduction of Tom Hanks Meg Ryan to make us spend time entertaining.

Scarface (1983)

In this film we show us the protagonist mansion, a huge white house with many plants, compartments and a garden. The film, whose plot of action is very similar to Al Pacino, has become a classic and allows us to delight with this super luxurious mansion. It is possible that you seem very ostentatious decor in some cases, but also because it is fun to watch.



And on TV?

Also the small screen can be a great source of inspiration to make our interiors look as we wish, depending on the effect you want to create.



This agile American comedy that was so very successfully for ten years, leaves us a list of interesting interior scenarios. While during the first few seasons, the decor is more youthful (can serve for those looking to beautify and prepare a student apartment or a room for a teenager) along the series we are showing changes in the two houses protagonists (the girls, especially with the large living room, kitchen Monica, the terrace …) and also in Chandler and Joey, who for some seasons is more modern and minimalist, even shows unusual furniture that is sure to more than one would like to have. Similarly, Ross’s apartment, more serious and conventional, could be interesting to admire.


Grand Hotel

This series that aired in Spain between 2011 and 2013 offers us again a source of inspiration decorated seeking a vintage touch, not in vain is set in 1905, so much clothing as decoration imitate that time of the century. Some rooms, including hotel rooms, we can make great ideas for interior decoration with a unique twist.



One of the most fashionable series when Spain, which chronicles the life in the troubled neighborhood of El Principe, Ceuta, and the love story of Morey agent and the beautiful Fatima. The family home of the protagonist in the first season can inspire us if what we seek is a Moorish-style decor, a way to decorate easy to implement, exotic and magical. In the second season, more luxurious interiors of the house where they live Fatima and her powerful husband and their gardens and pools, are also worth seeing and admiring.


And you, what movie or series you add to this list, ?

How to protect your pelvic floor to exercise to lose weight

You want to get your ideal weight but do not like to end suffering from urinary incontinence pelvic floor weakening caused by the practice of some sport of impact?

Have you been diagnosed or you have operated prolapse and you know that some exercises can hurt you even more?

Or simply, do you love running but you suffer urinary incontinence and do not dare to keep running?

One of the biggest dilemmas that a woman who has been diagnosed with a prolapsed or simply weak pelvic floor, the most common symptom is urinary incontinence, is getting to know faces that, on the one hand, one of the main factors that worsen their situation is overweight and at the same time, there are a number of exercises and sports that can get to be harmful to the pelvic floor precisely to aggravate the weakening of these tissues and muscles and even prolapse.

So to get to achieve and maintain proper weight when suffering from weak pelvic floor or prolapse, what should I do?

Become aware of your pelvic floor

We will not tire of repeating: go to a professional, physio, midwife, gynecologist, urologist, at the slightest suspicion that something is wrong .

Urinary, fecal and gas incontinence, however slight they may be, insensitivity or reduced sensitivity in sex, inability to completely empty the bladder or rectum, are not normal situations even if you have given birth to ten children, or however greater than you are .Protect and exercise pelvic floor

You go to a professional to assess your pelvic floor, you prescribe a personalized treatment for your specific case and will recommend some healthy habits  to avoid malpractices and keep your pelvic floor fit.

Once you have become aware of your pelvic floor and locate these muscles without doubt, it not is difficult to identify when an exercise, posture or movement is causing excessive pressure, what we call hyperpressure on this area of your body.

The excess pressure on the perineal area becomes harmful in greater or lesser extent depending on the individual and the degree of strength and tone your pelvic floor muscles present.

Therefore, although usually it is known that there are certain sports, high impact, and exercises, especially the traditional crunches , potentially harmful to the pelvic floor, the damage that can eventually lead can be compensated by keeping in good shape the pelvic floor muscles and following some recommendations that we want to share with you.

Watch your diet

Undoubtedly, to achieve the ideal weight no more than mathematical formulas:

Ideal weight = caloric expenditure> caloric intake .

That is, eat less than you expend, dieting, taking Pastillas naturales para adelgazar or offsetting what you eat more exercise.

Or you eat less or you exercise more. No more miracles than this.

Cardiovascular combines aerobic exercise with strength training

Today, the theory seems to have more acceptance is that aerobic or cardiovascular exercise coupled with the practice of strength exercises is the most effective combination when itcomes to losing fat and controlling our weight .

On the one hand, aerobic exercise burns more fat during training time, ie, while you are practicing, but resistance exercise increases muscle mass makes our continue burning fat even after performing this exercise .

In short, you must practice combined aerobic exercise with strength training but caring for and protecting your pelvic floor.

Aerobic exercise your pelvic floor protecting

Practice low impact aerobic sports

If you do not mind stop practicing high impact sport, you should know that there are other alternative low-impact sports and the benefits on your weight, your body and your mind are comparable.

In this article , Laura advises you what the best low – impact sports to lose weight and protect your pelvic floor.

Protect yourself when practicing aerobics high impact sports

Sport protect pelvic floor impactBut if yours is running, tennis, basketball or paddle tennis and are not willing to stop practicing your favorite sport, our recommendation, as you already detallábamos in this post , is that compensés the potential damage that these sports cause the pelvic floor following these recommendations:

  • Keep the pelvic floor as practicing Kegel exercises, helping Chinese balls, pelvic floor exercisers, etc.
  • Keep fit the core as Kegel exercises alonenot help much because the pelvic floor does not work in isolation , either through exercise or just activating Hipopresiva during efforts and while doing Kegel exercises.
  • Ayúdate apparatus to exercise and know at any time the status of your perineal musculature ( biofeedbacks , electroestimuladores …).
  • Use buffers incontinence that protect the pelvic floor and prevent urine leakage due to incontinence. You will be surprised the protective effect exerted.
  • Ask yourself using pessaries that protect and help keep every organ in place.

Home cultivation of marijuana in flats and plots fires

The National Police have conducted 24 operations in the last year and arrested 56 people. The proliferation of practice carries with it an increase in traffic of this substance on the street

  • Home cultivation of marijuana in flats and plots fires -
    Home cultivation of marijuana in flats and plots fires –
The water pipes for sale through small greenhouses in flats or plots plantations, has “skyrocketed” in Cordova. What ten years ago was an “occasional”, almost anecdotal practice, he has made a “quantum leap”, as explained by José Miguel Saenz, head of the Judicial Police Brigade Provincial Police. The data reflect this. In the last 12 months, from August 2010 to July this year, the National Police has conducted 24 operations for cultivation and trafficking of marijuana, which have resulted in 56 detainees and the seizure of 207.5 kilos of the drug.

Saenz, in view of the figures and police experience, do not hesitate to say that “we can say that has triggered growing marijuana particular level” and that logic has also been detected increased traffic of this substance in streets. 24 operations, he says, 16 have been growing 11 outdoor and five indoor greenhouses.The remaining eight were for marijuana possession destined to traffic.

When analyzing what has led to this proliferation of domestic marijuana cultivation, the head of the Judicial Police Brigade notes that “weighs lack of guilt” as it is a drug considered less harmful. “The consumer does not feel he explains junkie, no feature of guilt and, at a given moment, giving passage to culture”.

A cheap and easy it is added that it is relatively easy to have everything you need to have an indoor or outdoor greenhouse planting. Getting seeds is not difficult and just surf the internet in multiple forums are all kinds of tips and details on how to mount them. In addition, many of those who grow marijuana face an almost calculated risk. It is, of course, a crime against public health in the form of substance that does not cause serious harm to health and punished with prison. But the penalties usually imposed on the courts in these cases, which are almost always resolved by agreement, not usually lead to the imprisonment if the amount of drug is small and there are no previous convictions.

The proliferation of crops have been also rigged that more substance is detected on the street. “It is noted in the apprehension consumers. It has upped the intervention and, yes, there are more marijuana on the street,” confirms Saenz. But although they have increased homemade mini greenhouses and plantations, practice “it is not new”. “The car culture is something detected from about 15 or 20 years ago, but what is certain is that had not much impact as now,” he notes.

And “not to give great benefits”, unless available plantations or large greenhouses or proceed to a sale. Gram of marijuana is on the street about five euros and bags of five or ten grams sold.

Web design and pelvic floor

When you work in an Online Marketing Agency you spend all day surfing the internet, either for work, pleasure or learning. Part of what our job is exciting to play many different market niches, and many products that sometimes has little to do with your life.

If you are a company that designs and develops websites , countless times need to use images. When you take care of a website very branding, personal branding, or even when the website is a new product images are entrusted to a professional photographer. But many other times online shop (yes, the images are purchased), for convenience, cost savings, or because are designed to be used online and retouching to make is much lower.

Today two places on the planet that are diametrically opposed, Euskadi and Australia share market niche and gallery.

The girl pelvic floor

We are working on a project using ecommerce care related pelvic floor. The world of Chinese balls is a bit wider, but when it comes to other devices pelvic floor care there is so much on offer. A midwife of the Basque Country has designed a device that pelvic floor care takes some time on the market. We had already visited your website preparing information for the virtual store of our customer, and we knew this photo that has enough prominence in a section. It is a middle-aged woman (with possibility of leakage of urine childbirth or age), you may see improved their sexual health with the product invented by the midwife.


But the world has no borders, and less when generating content for websites , so we’ve come this afternoon to an Australian website, also care of the pelvic floor, where we found this photo:

They are not imagining things if I think it’s the same model. Better image banks are what they are, but in the image above right peak “Google seo brisbane this image” I run this:

We found a lot of results with the same picture on the front pages of Google. Reflection, not criticism, they have made it more difficult and more expensive (new product development), they have obtained permits to sell in pharmacy, designed branding, logos … And then they put a picture of 0 ,20 euros. Without checking that is already being used in other sites and digital media.

Our job as an agency is to tell the client where to make the effort of spending and why. If the customer does not know, our job is to do it for him to include it into our budgets

PS: As usual, it stated above is easy to say and harder to do something.

A flat film: film inspirations for decorating floor

Are you a fan of film decorations or any particular film? Would you like toacclimate your home with that warm colonial touch that is the home of the protagonist of ‘ Out of Africa’, or else you passionate elegant modern apartment ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ ?

From Leroy Merlin tell you how to get a flat film , inspired by legendary films maker xmovies8 with ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ or ‘The Party’ … Shall we start?

‘Marie Antoinette’, Sofia Coppola


Sofia Coppola gives us a new vision of the last queen of France , Marie Antoinette, Sofia for it takes us to Versailles more exaggerated and bombastic of all time , it can see the top of the Rococo style.

We, without much exaggeration, this elegant French style seek to achieve in our home sophistication and warmth in spurts . To do this we decantaremos by coating some walls with wallpaper , hopefully imitate noble and elegant fabrics, wood paneling, upholstered quilted , full libraries of books …

Marie Antoinette

Another important element of the palatial decor of that time is the flora, or any decor inspired by nature, we see many flowers and birds . Here we will apply in tissues of a more sober, refined and delicate to avoid overloading the way space. We ended the decor with wooden classic lines pickled in white to provide contrast, serenity and light to so much texture and patterns.

‘Out of Africa’, Sydney Pollack

Memories of Africa

The unforgettable film starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford shows the great colonial mansions of Kenya , which maintained a western style but with native air. The furnishings were not local, but traveling with the owners and other belongings (lingerie, glassware, portraits and clothing) from Europe.

The colonial style of these beautiful homes highlighted by the huge amount of woodon floors, solid wood shelves … For natural fabrics like muslin curtains and white cotton sheets, and complements own journey as suitcases and trunks.

1366 2000

Add this colonial touch filling the house with carpets of vegetable fibers , coating the wooden floors and applying texture on the wall . Do not forget the white muslin curtains and lots of cushions everywhere, all framed in a color palette based creams and earth tones and colonial style furniture.

‘Star Wars’, JJ Abrams

Tfa Poster Wide Header Adb92fa0

For fans of the epic movie ‘ Star Wars ‘, whether small or large, this legendary saga science fiction space adventure starring Han Solo , Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO .. . the you can move to your home decor.

If you’re an adult hanging a sheet film poster, or wearing a wall full of small dolls of the trilogy will be enough. But for the kids we can design a theme bedroom using all the decorative elements we have at our disposal, from textiles such as curtains , duvet cover, pillows and carpets to vinyl and foil to the wall.

Star Wars

‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, Wes Anderson

Grand Hotel Budapest

Wes Anderson as any great independent filmmaker takes care of all aspects of his films which can be also watch on putlocker, including those that go beyond the purely cinematic, as in the case of graphics, posters and clothing; however Anderson goes further and makes the decor in a visual language to narrate and deepen their characters.

Although all his films are an excellent example we stop at the latest, ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’, a film which as its name suggests happens in a nineteenth – century and decadent hotel , which has undergone several renovations until its twilight.

20 The Grand Budapest Hotel 2 620x413

We are interested in remodeling done in the hall of the seventies , coating the room with wooden soffits , adding a leather – covered seats and other wool in shades oforange and mustard . To finish our study will add a room or floor lamps methacrylate in a vivid color, and ancillary glass furniture with metal tubular structures, all of seventies lines. A look totally present, that will speak volumes .

‘The Party’, Blake Edwards

the Guateque

This cult movie film comedy is a magnificent example of the cheerful and casual decor of the sixties, it is a house on one level with open spaces and a large window that overlooks a pool that starts in the hall. The house is not wasted, despite stay a little short of chairs .

The 50s and 60s were very prolific in terms of industrial design it refers design classics that are still used this time. To get a look sixties we go round of vivid colors and contrasting planes in textiles , sofas and carpets , with furniture ultra modern almost futuristic lines , many of them made with synthetic materials.

It is a lot like ‘The Gran Hotel Budpest’ style, furnishings are almost all the same, but give them one tapizándolos more youthful with bright colors , the walls are not so serious, use white color and some of them the lined with painted paper with geometric prints Pop and Op Art.

‘Frozen’, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee

Can Frozen 2 Possibly Live Up To Expectations Fan 682489

What little is not excited with ‘Frozen’ and the two sisters who star, Ana and Frozen own.Decorate your room as the film is the best way to make it his favorite of all the house.For starters will paint the walls in blue and white tones , we can even make some gradient on the wall, also add some original vinyl tape and thus create atmosphere.


We just dress the walls with some curtains Frozen characters and some sheets with portraits of the ‘Protas’ of the movie. Finally incorporate the environment a warm and comfortable touch , we will use a wooden floor, a wool carpet and becomeenlightened stay with yellow lights. Room ready to dream!

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, Martin Scorsese

Wolf Of Wall Street

We ended up with one of the most successful and award – winning films of recent years, it tells a true story of the rise and fall of a billionaire broker of New York Stock Exchange played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Although it has lots of properties, we focused on the dazzling apartment is in New York, and which happens much of the story.

This type of apartments are a symbol of an era and a way of life , that of yuppies and executives, large and airy rather cold spaces, decorated with expensive pieces and fine materials.


Stand by resorting to classic design , in this case are decided by Arne Jacobsen Swan chairs and lamp sculpture Arch and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Achille we see the end of the apartment; in the dining room also opt for the classic to decorate, in this case put the Tulip table by Eero Saarinen with the Panton chairs in olive green, although you can put the pieces that you like, there are now many reissues very good price.

They are the first apartments to relevance and prominence to the kitchen , integrating it into the social area, spectacular islands with granite pink marble and luxurious appliances. Ultimately it is put few furniture minimalist but sophisticated lines, large leather sofas or velvet, majestic chandeliers and elegant porcelain floors .

Sure some of these films has inspired you to make a change of look to your home, for which of these decorative styles you decant? Difficult choice, right? In any case you willfind everything you need to remodel your space on the website of Leroy Merlin .

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